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Who is Calluna Artisan Jewelry?

Learn more about Calluna Artisan Jewelry and Heather (owner, designer, creator) here!

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What are the materials used in your jewelry?

I use authentic gemstones in 99% of my jewelry collect. There are a few pieces that have handmade lampwork glass and Swarovski Crystal part of the design. See each piece of jewelry for a proper material description.

All metals used are nickel free, lead free, and cadmium free.

I use sterling silver (.925), fine silver (.999), 14k gold-filled, and electroplated metals. 

14k gold-filled is when a very thick layer of real 14k gold is permanently plated over a base metal core. This acts like solid 14k gold, it can be cleaned, hammered, soldered, and tumbled and will not lose the gold layer.

Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. All products are nickel free and lead free. I use 24k gold electroplated over brass and fine silver (.999) over brass.

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What is your return policy?

See the full details of my Return Policy here!

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Is your website secure?

Absolutely! You can feel 100% safe when ordering from my website.

My website is fully secure. You can view the Security Certificate information by clicking on the Secure pad lock icon to the left of my website address at the top of your screen.

I will never share, sell, or rent your information.

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What do you use my contact information for?

I will never sell or rent your contact information. To see full details of my Privacy Policy click here!

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Do you participate in local art shows and craft fairs?

I do! My 2019 year has a very limited number of events. You can see my events list here!

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Do you host home jewelry parties?

Yes I do! Details for Calluna Home Parties can be found here.

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Do you sell your jewelry in local shops?

At the moment I do not. Would you like to see my jewelry for sell in a local shop? Drop me a line!